I started my career as a developer advocate at Microsoft in the UK, writing and delivering several talks and workshops in Europe.  These topics varied from chat bots and Windows applications, to machine learning APIs and cloud services. This role also allowed me to work directly with customers and their engineering teams to help develop proof of concept projects (PoCs) using some of the latest Microsoft technology. I really enjoyed connecting with developers and customers, and helping them learn something new.

Eventually, I moved over to the United States and continued working for Microsoft as a software engineer. My job was to work with customers and their development teams to help them solve their most challenging problems. Typically these projects lasted around 3-4 months. During this period, I would help architect cloud solutions and applications, and code directly with customer engineers to produce a minimal viable product (MVP), which we often helped take into production.

This is my current role! I love the customer interactions that come with the job, and the wide variety of technologies I get to use in my day to day. Notable, Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless Functions, Machine Learning APIs, and various Azure Services.

Still a developer advocate at heart, I try to find the time to share learnings with other developers. Most recently, I was a speaker at GHC19 (Grace Hopper Conference) where I talked about a blockchain project I was a part of, and how my team and I worked with a customer to create a secure solution for transferring digital assets.

In my own time, I love cooking, baking, and playing boardgames (like, a lot of boardgames). Currently, I'm trying to learn the electric bass. It's hard, but I'm having too much fun honestly! I'm even organising a musical recital to encourage my friends to practice their instruments, I'm hoping it won't be a disaster come December! 😂