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Bots Are Just Apps

First we had the web, we were able to connect people with information using mice and keyboards. Then we had apps, written natively to take advantage of device sensors and operating systems. Next in the information revolution is chat bots, making it simpler and quicker to connect users with the information and services that they need using more natural methods of interaction.

In this talk I will open up the Microsoft Bot Framework, show how to develop a bot using it and show you that you have the skills to do this too. Expect code, demos and to leave knowing what someone is actually talking about when they use the phrase ‘Conversations as a Platform’.

Making your Applications Smarter Through Machine Learning APIs

The “key to moving toward a future of ubiquitous and unobtrusive computing? To accept that future breakthroughs are going to be practically invisible.” – Harry Shum, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Technology and Research.

The future of machine learning will be invisible; it will exist, you will use machine learning in your everyday lives, and you wouldn’t even know it. Now is a good time to start integrating amazing machine learning features into your applications, as they become integral to our society. The Cognitive Services APIs are practically invisible. You don’t need to build your own complex algorithms to make your application smarter and more powerful. Cognitive Services is a set of ready-made machine learning APIs that allow you to breath intelligence into your application using only simple HTTP calls.

In this talk, you will be introduced to the Cognitive Services APIs and see how you can use them to transform your application. This is about the power of machine learning and computer vision at the end of an API call.

Intro to Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps is the platform as a service offering from Microsoft Azure for running node.js, PHP, Python, Java and of course C# or even static HTML web sites. As a platform as a service offering, all you worry about is writing your code and setting your scale limits. Other than that, the platform takes care of all of the hosting, scaling and so on.

In this talk, I will give a brief intro to cloud computing and the Azure Mobile Service before diving a little deeper into what the Azure Web Apps service has to offer with live demonstrations.

The Orb of Happiness: Using text sentiment analysis

Welcome to the Twitter Sentiment Orb: see how it is possible to use the massive power of cloud computation to learn from collected data live, using your input! We use machine learning and real time data feeds to create an end-to-end solution that measures the current mood and happiness of your audience in real time. This is Science Fact not Science Fiction!

What is “More Personal Computing”

More Personal Computing is putting your user at the center of your applications and ensuring they are given the right tools, for the right job, at the right time – without them having to tell you.

In this talk I give an introduction to what “MPC” really is, what it means to developers, how it effects our world today, and what role Windows 10 will play in a move for a More Personal Computing experience. I will also demo some of the “MPC” features available in Windows 10.


Lilian is a Technical Evangelist in the Developer Experience organisation at Microsoft. She has previously worked as a Software Engineer developing Mobile and Web applications and experimenting with hybrid solutions in that space. Recently, Lilian’s areas of interest have been around making applications smarter with Machine Learning APIs, such as Microsoft Cognitive Services, and understanding the notion of ‘Conversations-as-a-Platform’ which involves learning how chat bots and smart assistants can change the way we interact with technology today.



If you have a specific topic in mind, feel free to ask me about it – I can do talks about Azure, Cognitive Services and Machine Learning, Bot Framework, Web Apps, and the Windows Universal Platform. I can also talk about projects I’ve worked on, some of which can be viewed here:

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